Glen Duncan, A Day and a Night and a Day

7972557Glen Duncan’s A Day and a Night and a Day is a thinly disguised essay about terrorism and extraordinary rendition dressed up with tattered characterization, florid metaphor and a plot that barely hangs together. The main female character is a compendium of traits that don’t add up to an actual person, and the ways in which Duncan chooses to make the main character sympathetic are so blatantly obvious that I reacted contrarily by despising him.

From the Guardian review:”On a larger scale, he seems to have persuaded himself that hackneyed plot manoeuvres can be justified by making the characters’ sensitivity to the hackneyed a subject of debate in the novel. He comes across as a writer who’s become so absorbed by sentence rhythms on the one hand and grand themes on the other that he’s lost all perspective on his performance as a whole.” Exactly!

(Read from April 7-April 10, 2010)


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