John le Carré, A Most Wanted Man

lecarremostwantedmanIssa, a young Russian (or possibly Chechen) man, Annemarie, an idealistic German human rights lawyer and Tommy, a world-weary Scottish banker come together – disastrously – in John LeCarré’s A Most Wanted Man. I found both Issa and Annabel incredibly annoying and self-righteous, so in the end, I agree with the Observer’s  reviewer, who noted that  “Issa is so annoying that if the gung-ho Americans ever did end up fitting him for a dinky orange boiler-suit, I don’t think too many readers would be weeping.” Amen!

Still, LeCarré has some fascinating things to say about the “War on Terror” and he’s a past master at creating an air of quiet menace and moral gray areas and A Most Wanted Man is very, very good. With slightly less irritating protagonists, I might have even loved it.

(Read from April 7-April 11, 2010)


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